Self-Hypnosis Workshops


Transformational Day Workshops

Empower Yourself, Uncover The Real You and Your Souls Purpose  

On these enlightening day workshops you will be exploring and reflecting on many areas of your life and learning how you can regain your personal power and heal on a deeper level. There will be a number of tools used to help you uncover the real you and understand more about your souls purpose. We will be using self-hypnosis techniques to help you release and let go of any unwanted feelings, conditioned patterns of behaviour or negative self-beliefs that are holding you back from your true potential.


When you are able to clear the blocks in your sub-conscious mind, ‘those limiting patterns that can so often hold us back from our true potential’, you can move along your pathway with much greater ease and find a place of real freedom.

This is a wonderful process that will definitely leave you feeling mentally and physically stronger, empowering you to fulfil your life’s purpose to its greatest potential.




10.30 am – 4.00 pm £80 (Minimum of four people for private group bookings).                    Bespoke workshops held 1-1 as requested.


Empower Yourself With Inner Strength And Confdence

Release Self-Limiting Beliefs and Improve Self-Esteem

Release Pain Through Healing Imagery

How to Reduce Stress and Find Emotional Freedom

How to Release Anxiety and Fear and Feel Happy

Visualise Your Goals and Manifest Your Dreams

Refreshments included, please bring packed lunch.

To book a place or for more information on workshops :

Telephone: (01202) 430493  Mobile: 07963165543  Email:     



Workshops Now Held in Southbourne:


Privately – for small groups or 1-1 on request.

Corporate – Stress Management Days. 



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