Past life regression therapy

steps to heavenTo most people, including many therapists, “past life therapy” is seen as a means of confirming that we have lived before and its purpose is merely to satisfy curiosity.

There is much more to be gained from a past life therapy session!

It is quite possible that present-day relationship problems may originate in a past life and can be resolved by going into that past life. Negative patterns of behaviour, or even persistent negative conditions, can also be identified as symptoms or “carryovers” from a previous existence.

For example, imagine a past life as a monk or a nun where you would have been required to take a vow of poverty… it may very well be that in this life you find yourself working long hours and no matter how hard you try you never seem to have enough money… in the past life session it would be suggested to you, at the resolution and healing stage that comes after the death, that you rescind that vow of poverty so that you now have the freedom in this life to make your own choices, decisions, etc.

Very often physical problems, illnesses, irrational fears or phobias are directly linked to the cause of death in a past life. Going through that death and then doing the healing that is required will obtain the necessary release. This is why it is important to discuss at the consultation stage that comes before a past life session present-day problem areas, such as those highlighted above, including recurring dreams or nightmares set in another time.

It is a type of regression therapy that works with the super conscious, which is believed to be the memory bank of the soul. Past life recall allows for a client to enter the realm of the super conscious to access the experiences of past incarnations. This works for people who are aligned with the belief that we have a soul and that the soul itself holds the information to some of our current life struggles. This type of alternative technique works for clients who are looking to find answers to mysterious ailments or irrational fears or seeking to understand how their past life experiences may be imprinting on current relationship issues or career directions.

The Law of Recurrence states that we will repeat conditions, situations, relationships and challenges until we learn, transform and graduate from this level of understanding to the next one. Past life therapy can help you break the law of recurrence in your life, or over lifetimes and move towards your next level of personal and spiritual evolution.

Past regression therapy can assist you in integrating the many facets of who you are, to understand your impulses, inclinations and talents, to deepen your current relationships and experience a deep connection to your soul. As an added benefit, many individuals who experience past life therapy, have shared that it helped them process existential or spiritual questions, that it decreased or eliminated their fears of death and helped them reconnect to a higher life purpose.


Do you need to believe in reincarnation for Past Life therapy to be successful?
It certainly helps if the client, and indeed the therapist, is open to the possibility of previous lives, but it is not essential. The focus of a past life session is on therapy, not on challenging belief systems.
I have witnessed clients experiencing very “real” past lives that would seem to provide, in my opinion, almost irrefutable evidence of a previous existence.

At the end of the session the client is happy and relieved that their problem has been resolved, but will leave saying that they do not believe in reincarnation! No matter.

What does matter is that they arrived with a problem, they went through a process which happens to be called past life therapy, and at the end of the process they no longer have the problem.

Is it possible that I have been with my parents before?

Yes, it is very likely that the people who are closest and dearest to you in this life will have featured in many of your previous lives, but not necessarily in the exact same relationship. For example, your best friend in this life may have been a sibling or parent in a past life.

There is a theory that we attract the same group of souls lifetime after lifetime. Perhaps you have experienced meeting somebody for the first time and after only 20 minutes feeling closer or more in tune with that person than people you have known for many years- this would indicate a close past life relationship. Conversely, you may know some-one who may be popular with others but with whom you feel decidedly uneasy… it transpires in your past life session that without good reason he denounced you as a witch and this brought about your death…

In the session you have an opportunity to redress the balance and come to a resolution with that person, so that the very next time you meet them in this life you may find that your attitude towards each other has changed. I call this the “cosmic knock-on effect”; even though the other person hasn’t been through therapy, something inside of them has changed.

In a past life session, should a scene involve some-one very close or important to you, e.g. Mother, Father, son, daughter, best friend, bride or groom, then I will normally ask you to look into their eyes. As you do so, it is very common for you to recognise them as a loved one from your current existence.

Is there a difference between “Past Life therapy” and “Regression therapy”?

Most hypnotherapists and many psychotherapists will have been trained to undertake regression work with clients. This usually entails requesting the client’s subconscious while in hypnosis to go back to the incident (or “the scene that set the stage”) that caused, or “has everything to do with”, the problem so that a release can be obtained. 99% of the time it will be in this life. Hence a therapist advertising Regression therapy may have little or no training in past life regression as a therapy.