Holistic Hypnotherapy


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Hypnosis is a completely natural state of being that we all enter into without ever realising and one that we all enjoy on a daily basis. It’s that warming feeling when we’re just dropping her off to sleep and waking up or become totally absorbed in a good book or film. When we are totally relaxed our senses are heightened and our minds are more open to positive suggestions for our well-being.

With the help of Hypnotherapy a client will be taken into a trance similar to a guided meditation, your conscious mind relaxes and your unconscious mind becomes open.

You will be gently guided into a lovely state of relaxation by using pleasant visualization techniques, progressive muscle relaxation with some calming music in the background. Some people experience a feeling of heaviness whilst others feel light and have a tingling sensation but all clients report of a feeling of calmness and total relaxation.

You will feel totally and very deeply relaxed but remain completely aware and in control at all times. This process allows the stored program’s that are running within the sub-conscious mind to be explored and new positive patterns of thoughts and behavior can be reinforced.

Working intuitively as a soul coach and using the wonderful process of Hypnotherapy, sometimes combined with Inner Child Therapy and Shamanic tools, allows me to guide clients towards personal empowerment and freedom by helping them release any kind of emotional pain, deep rooted trauma, reoccurring self-limiting patterns of behavior, beliefs and fears, bringing about a very deep level of inner self-healing.

So many conditions can be treated using hypnotherapy such as confidence and self-esteem issues, addictions, weight issues, anger, fears, pain control, depression, stress, anxiety, panic attacks and many other health issues as well deeper rooted trauma and childhood issues.

If you have any questions or concerns at all regarding the use of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy please feel free to contact me by email or give me a call.


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