Many people come into our life at different times and can inspire us in many ways. I give thanks to Ed, my wonderful godmother Enid, Beryl and Naomi, for their inspiration, my family and friends for their love and support, also my loved ones that have passed that still guide and support me and all those who have touched my life in some special way.

Ed was a client that I worked with over a period of months many years ago using Shiatsu, Reiki healing and my intuition. He was the catalyst for my journey to where I am now. I feel blessed to be able to do the work I do and to have been on a journey myself, meeting such wonderful people along the way.

Ed reignited his passion with music and made an album, I was so touched when he dedicated a song to me called ‘Maxine – Still Standing’.

“Special thanks to Maxine for a new found energy and direction for whom this project would not have been realised and for helping me to live again….indebted!”

Recommend by ‘Pure at the Secret Garden .

Mike Ellis

I have been coming to see Maxine for several years now and can thoroughly and without hesitation recommend her as a highly experienced and very sensitive, intuitive Healer with a broad range of modality skills, all of which she brings to bear for the benefit of her individual clients. Maxine draws on many years of intensive training and broad therapeutic practice, all of which have enabled her to become a very skilled and empathetic Healer, who – I feel – is uniquely able to attune to the underlying, deeper causes of the vast majority of personal issues – both on physical and emotional health levels. She has superlative counselling skills and offers not only very effective Healing modalities but is also able to use hypnosis, hypnotherapy, past-life regression and other valuable tools to get to the root of personal issues and achieve more lasting solutions to her client’s problems. I have the utmost belief and faith in Maxine’s abilities as both a Healer and Facilitator and have long admired her unquestionable level of personal integrity and her innate ability to really care deeply about and connect with those entrusting themselves to her skills. I do recommend that you take the first step towards your own healing by entrusting yourself to her wonderful care, which I believe is always carried out with the highest and best good of her clients in mind.


I have now experienced a sound healing from Therapist Maxine Middleton-Budd, in a thoughtfully prepared, beautifully spiritual space. I was wrapped in sound vibrations, a sensory delight, which not only held me safely but delved deep into my being. A very powerful experience. Maxine’s gentle demeanour is welcoming and kind. She is knowledgeable and professional and I whole heartedly recommend Maxine as someone who can help with healing. I can’t wait to experience more of the therapies/workshops that Maxine has to offer.


Workshop Feedback

There was lots of information with positive ideas within it that we discussed. After the hypnotherapy sessions I felt clearer and have some useful tools i can use at home or in different situations. It really helped me gain a different perspective on the things i struggle with and ideas on how to break down these patterns that no longer have a positive purpose. I would definitely recommend this workshop as it was very useful and practical.
Thank you.


I didn't really know what to expect but it was fab! I was very well informed and updated at every stage, the overall experience was calming, enlightening,positive, therapeutic....very good indeed, thank you! I feel I have benefited from the hypnotherapy sessions and I loved the deep relaxation and sense of calm that appeared. I would definitely recommend the workshop and look forward to continuing in the workshops and learning more about techniques and myself in my journey.
It was a very useful and positive day, thank you.


I have definitely gained an insight into hypnotherapy and what can be achieved through it. I was successfully hypnotised and able to identify emotions and physical reactions. I worked on getting rid of them and replacing them with happier emotions. Further hypnosis sessions were brilliant and I really enjoyed the hypnotic state. The setting was lovely, tranquil and relaxing. You have the perfect voice for hypnotherapy and were very professional, a very safe environment thank you.x


Very relaxing, lovely voice, you’re a natural! I feel very empowered and chilled and we are only half way through. You come over very professional and make the space feel safe! Grounding and shielding techniques were very good and re-energising and breathing was fab, loved it all! a good morning’s workshop. (Afternoon).Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! So chilled I could face anything life throws at me, I really needed this, I feel like a million dollars and so refreshed!


I thought the stress session was actually brilliant because I hadn’t realised that I was responding to stresses in the same flow of physical and emotionally same responses. The hypnosis was very good, your voice is brilliant, please can you do cds to go away with. Thanks for a brilliant day, I feel as though I’ve been on a ten day holiday I’m so relaxed. CD’s please!! Thank you, you are brill.


I’ve enjoyed the day and found it very relaxing it’s definitely been beneficial to me. It’s very well thought out and presented, very interesting as it makes you think about what’s going on in your sub-conscious mind that you didn’t realize. Good letting go process, excellent, very impressed and well taught, really makes you think what you want in a positive, optimistic way, where you think anything is possible. A brilliant day gained lots out of it thank you!


I found hypnotherapy so much more powerful than anything else I have tried for emotional things. I feel a lot more relaxed and do feel more confident. It’s a good realization and confirmation of what can make you the way you have been. Most definitely an excellent way of dealing with past experiences and helping yourself get through it. The overall experience was relaxing and very pleasant.


The relaxation was very good, I was surprised at how deep I was able to go. Dealing with difficult emotions brought up unexpected issues, which demonstrates that the hypnotherapy was very effective. I would like to pursue this further which is a plus for the session. A lovely day, you have a talent for doing guided imagery and a lovely voice.


The welcome was lovely from the moment I arrived. This morning was very relaxed in your charming room. Loved the hypnotherapy sessions, you have a lovely approach and soothing voice, feel chilled. (Afternoon) Wow! Was fab, felt very relaxed you are very good, love to do more. Look forward to working with you again, many thanks & blessings.


The combination of Maxine’s voice and music was very relaxing and soothing, I was surprised at how affected I was by it. I found the theory on self-esteem very useful and enjoyed the hypnosis. I think you were fantastic and came across as very knowledgeable and professional. You certainly know your stuff and have a definite talent for this, I wish you lots of luck with the workshops.


I have achieved some goals in life and am in the process of attaining another major one. This process has been really helpful and given me confidence in achieving it. I feel I was meant to attend this session. Such a lovely calming voice and such a relaxing session, I would attend again,thank you very much Maxine.


Excellent hypnosis exercises and techniques on how to release excess baggage and emotions, very effective felt so much lighter and freer. When scanning the body to find where the blockages are I felt the areas well and was able to heal them. The self-confidence exercises really helped and I feel more positive and empowered. All the visualizations were very effective, I felt I could get into them quite easily. They helped my confidence and also my spiritual side as well, I felt more connected to spirit. The breathing exercises will be very useful.


The overall experience was very relaxing, self-healing and positive and I’m interested to find out what workshops are available. Thank you for a very positive relaxing workshop, amazing experience, would definitely recommend.


I felt well informed and the workshop was more than I expected, I really feel that I have found myself as a person.


Very informative, I really feel I have benefited from the hypnotherapy sessions, I didn’t think I would be able to relax as much as I did, I was so I pleased it was successful. I feel very relaxed and it was lovely to switch off for a day. Thank you.x


The workshop was very interesting and much more than I expected, I definitely benefited from the sessions. I feel very relaxed and de-stressed. Very enlightening, great company, I would love to explore some of the other workshops.


I felt very well informed and feel I have benefited from the hypnotherapy sessions, I would definitely recommend the workshop it was very helpful and eye opening.


I feel totally calm, relaxed and happy 🙂



Extracts from an Inner Child Diary


My first session with Maxine was very in depth and I cried about a lot of things, it was very therapeutic. I also wanted to understand why I was emotionally dependent on food. Maxine felt that another area we would explore was feelings of abandonment.

The first time I met my inner child she was four and dressed in Mums clothes, she was very sad and lonely so we cuddled and played. The second time she was three and hid behind me. I felt her fear, I was able to tell her I’d protect her always, she smiled and ran away without speaking. I knew it was about the fear of my very ‘Victorian era’ father instilled in me as a child.

A trigger meeting was session three when my inner child was six and again very afraid, she was sobbing and sobbing. My cousin had drowned and my mum had to comfort my nine year old brother who had witnessed the accident. In reality I never cried at the time, but I was able to release in the session. The next day I felt rejuvenated and uplifted.

Talking to Maxine at a later date I slowly began to remember the occasion and explore the fear I had felt scared when the doctor arrived and mum told me to be quiet and shut me in the lounge with my very scary Victorian dad. I remembered thinking, mum needs to look after Johnny now, I’ve got to be big. I realized that this was the point that I turned to food for comfort and within a year had doubled in size.

One meeting whilst under guidance of Maxine my inner child arrived at all ages, somehow settling at five and fifteen. The issue were around dad and my anger, the message from my inner child was to ‘be myself’. Afterwards I had an ache in my heart where the emotion had been held and Maxine showed me how to release it. It was deep set but after three attempts it went.

At another session with Maxine she decided to try a Gestalt technique to try and help me connect with my teenager who had felt emotionally so ‘unsupported’. This enabled me to meet the ‘confident’ and strong’ me. The next inner child meeting was different, a proper connection emotionally. When she smiled I felt energised. Her message was ‘Be strong, you can do this’. I felt happier and more positive at the end of this session and kept seeing colours for the first time, it was an indication of the healing taking place.

Another time I returned to my six year old, the doctor/dad moment when i had felt scared and my cousin drowned. This time when I reassured her we moulded together and I felt a shift inside me. My revelation from this session was that ‘I can support me’ and even though I moved away from my family at age nineteen they have ‘always supported me emotionally’ if not practically. I don’t seem to constantly think about food now. The last message from the inner child diary was ‘Peace’.

Thank you so much Maxine.x