How Hypnotherapy can help Self Confidence and Increase Self Esteem

As a healer and therapist of over 20 years, one of my greatest passions is to enable clients to ‘Gain inner peace and balance of life’ plus a ‘Sense of true freedom and empowerment within’.

Because of my own personal and spiritual journey that I have been able to draw on and learn from throughout my life, I firmly believe each of us has the potential to heal at the very deepest levels and can find a true feeling of freedom and peace within.

However, negative programming, insensitive parenting, abuse or perhaps just a generally unhappy childhood can damage our self-esteem and affect the way we respond to life and its challenges.

The process of hypnotherapy and an empathic therapist can truly help with the healing that is needed and empower the client with all the tools to transform negative conditioning and beliefs into a new and happy, non-limiting belief system.


Confidence and Self-Esteem

Inner child therapy is designed to help clients increase their confidence and self-esteem.
This powerful therapy utilizes hypnotherapy and cognitive analysis to reverse negative conditioning and programming, and permanently heal the client’s childhood.

With increased self-esteem and love for oneself, recipients of this therapy are able to attract more positive relationships and outcomes into their life as they feel worthy of enjoying all the good things they deserve.

Once your health and basic needs are met, the quality of your life, and your enjoyment of everything you have in your life, is effected by your level of self-esteem. Whether you are seeking security or equality in your relationships, a release from self-doubts and negative conditioning, or looking to improve what you already do well, there is no longer a reason to let a lack of self-belief hold you back in your personal or professional life.



The majority of clients require hypnotherapy for confidence related issues. Often their lack of confidence doesn’t affect their life as greatly as low self-esteem would, but any lack of confidence can affect you in your professional, social or personal life, even in areas of management.

When the lack of confidence relates to a specific issue we would explore where it had developed to see if it was linked with childhood. We start with a powerful confidence boost session which is recorded for you to reinforce its effects by listening to your personalized CD/MP3 at home. The second and sometimes only other session would be a visualization or self-esteem hypnotherapy session if we were working with childhood memories, also recorded for you. With these specialist sessions, resolving long-standing issues, anxieties and phobias can be very easy.

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