Shiatsu Massage

The ancient healing art of Shiatsu works by using forms of massage, gentle manipulation and acupressure to the body’s meridian lines. The purpose of Shiatsu is to correct any internal blocks along these energy channels by stimulating the circulation of the lymphatic system, calming the nervous system and releasing tension. This helps to balance the body’s own ever- present energy, promoting internal good health and balance of mind, body and spirit.


Shiatsu can be Beneficial For Many Conditions

Sciatica and other back related problems, stress, IBS, headaches and migraine, neck and shoulder tension, insomnia, fatigue, joint and muscular pain/stiffness, circulation problems and many more……


Shiatsu Massage


£50……. 1hour full body & head followed by Reiki healing. 

(Please wear loose comfortable clothing).

For appointments or enquiries

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