Regression Therapy

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Regression Therapy is a therapeutic technique which allows for accessing specific or accumulated past experiences that are buried in the subconscious of an individual. Once regressed, the client then explores his/her hidden or repressed feelings, negative beliefs or imprints of the traumatic experiences of childhood or early life that may be causing the presenting problem they are struggling with.

Often the causes of mental, emotional or physical disharmony stem from some negative past experiences that were absorbed into the psyche and continue to influence behaviour in a negative or self -destructive way.

Regression Therapy is a journey back in time, all the way to the source of an individual’s recurrent problem whether it is an addiction, or low self-esteem, a cycle of depression , persistent anger or any other intense inner challenge that prevents a person from living a fulfilling and satisfied life.

In the regressed state the client can have a corrective or healing experience and thus reprogram certain mind patterns or emotional states in order to create a healthy attitude and positive feelings.
Regression Therapy is recommended for those who have tried various forms of therapy and have reached a block. Regression therapy utilizes trance or hypnotic states as a way to access the content that may not have been revealed in the course of the psychotherapy treatment