Holistic Hypnotherapy and Soul Healing


As a healer and therapist of over 20 years, one of my greatest passions is to enable clients to ‘Gain inner peace and balance of life’ plus a ‘Sense of true freedom and empowerment within’. 

My goal is to help you release ‘anything’ that is hindering your pathway to inner peace, happiness and fulfillment so that you become personally empowered and heal at the very deepest level. I will support you on your journey so that you can reconnect to your soul path and the life you were born to live.  

Working intuitively and combining the wonderful processes of Hypnotherapy, Inner Child Therapy and Shamanic tools, allows me to guide you safely to release any kind of emotional pain, deep rooted trauma or re-occurring patterns of behaviour, beliefs or fears that may be blocking your path to growth, bringing about a deep level of self-healing, personal empowerment and freedom.

Having held a safe, compassionate, non-judgmental and comfortable space for many years, where clients can connect with a deeper part of themselves and having been able to witness the wonderful, transforming, inner healing that this work can bring to a person, has been a humbling and inspiring journey for me over the years. As clients begin to understand their own journey at a soul level, the process of their awakening and reconnecting to their soul path can continue as it has done in many life times before.

This work can be challenging, revealing and often emotional but when the time feels right for you to take that step to rediscover the real you and allow that deep inner healing to take place it can bring about a truly wonderful and amazing transformation within.

I continue to feel blessed to be able to participate in this wonderful work with whoever is guided to me.


About Me

I have been a holistic therapist for over twenty years and became a Reiki Master in 2003. Working intuitively over the years I have become increasingly aware of the effects and impact of trauma and suppressed emotions has on the body, not only physically but mentally. I became fascinated with the mind/body connection many years ago which inspired me to train in shiatsu, Reiki, psycho-spiritual counselling, inner child therapy, hypnotherapy and recently shamanic practice and soul retrieval work.

My life has led me along a path where I witnessed and observed many different situations from a very young age being brought up around addiction, domestic violence and mental health issues, then later finding the need to find an inner peace and balance in my own life when at the age of 21 I reached a point of burn out and developed ME.

I was unable to work for a period of time as a hairdresser because of the physical problems that had manifested throughout my body. With the decision made to change my life and put the full focus on self-care and healing I become self-employed and within a year my physical health was back to normal and my inner journey continued.

I see my own journey as a wonderful blessing which led me to wake up and follow a very different pathway, one where I have been able to learn and understand through many different therapies and personal experiences the true freedom that deep inner healing can bring.

Over many years of self-development I know how important it is to connect with the soul aspect of ones-self and understand the benefits of connecting with and releasing suppressed emotions. I realised very early on that without this connection you may not reach a point of real freedom.

During some meditation work and training in psycho-spiritual counselling, I had been able to access repressed memories whilst working with the inner child and reached a much deeper understanding and healing, something I later realised was a state of self-hypnosis.

I continued my training becoming fully qualified in Advanced Holistic Hypnotherapy and Inner Child Therapy in 2007 and Shamanic practices in 2015, I am also qualified in the Rewind Technique for PTSD and use Compassion Focused Therapy for shame based trauma & PTSD along with Ideodynamic Therapy.

I also have a great passion for helping to educate children and I am now working with ‘Dorset Minds’ Children’s Young Peoples services. I have delivered the ‘SPEAK OUT STAY SAFE’ workshops in schools for the NSPCC and am now currently working towards being a volunteer Childline counsellor. I also facilitated my own pilot of workshops to a year 6 on Stress & Anxiety and Confidence & Resilience in 2017.


With the knowledge that I have gained over many years of my own personal journey of self-discovery I now teach through workshops and one to one supporting people through various life challenges and helping them realise they hold the power to their own healing.

I work intuitively using hypnotherapy as a tool combined with other therapies that I feel are best suited for your growth and healing, helping you to take control of your own health and well-being and reach a point of personal self- empowerment and freedom.

I offer a 30 min free introductory consultation where you can discuss your needs prior to your session, in a caring, non-judgmental and confidential environment.


The Greatest Potential is Within You!

To awaken to your higher self is to discover an independent wise self, whose inner knowing, enhanced intuition and higher consciousness can be cultivated to create a life that is guided by the most sacred part of who you are.

Awakening to self introduces a new way of being in the world, being internally free and living a life of balance, contentment and fulfillment.

With my guidance and support, your higher self can emerge with the power to heal, shed, and transcend all that no longer serves you.

I work with individuals and groups to: facilitate inner growth by healing, empowerment and transformation and support the development of harmony of body, mind and spirit.


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2 hour session (free 30 minute consultation & recording to reinforce therapy)

Hourly sessions & concessions available.


Saturday, Sunday  10.30am – 4.00pm (covering various topics)
Tuesday evenings  6.00pm – 10.30pm
Bespoke workshops held 1-1 on demand as requested.


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